Update from Malawi…

This is the airport we arrived at. We live about 4 miles from here.
This is the airport we arrived at. That is Michiru Mountain in the background. We live about 4 miles from here. (As the crow flies)
Loca Woman washing clothes in the river
A typical scene we see while driving. These women are washing their clothes in a small river by the road.

We are enjoying our time here very much. We have a small house and a 4-wheel drive Toyota Prado. Temps have been hovering between 70 & 80 degrees F.; very comfortable so far. It hasn’t really rained since we got here so is very dry. Our night watchman waters our yard every evening with watering cans.

The sod in our yard mostly consists of something similar to St. Augustine and it isn’t looking very nice right now. Then we have a small patch of Bermuda grass about 4 foot sq. that usually looks very good! All our water gets hand pumped out of a small village well. So everybody back in Texas please be glad for how easily your water gets to your houses and yards! Keep praying for us. Updates will be coming.


Ndirande Mountian
This is Ndirande Mountain. We can see it from our house, and one of the congregations we’ve been going to is located at it’s base. It is about 5000 feet high.
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