We provide turfgrass services including natural grass, quality sod, sprigs, delivery, and installation. Serving all of North-East Texas including Longview, Tyler, Dallas and Fort Worth.

Our Sod Farm

Welcome to our Sod Farm 

Wholesalers, Landscapers and Homeowners.

Thanks for visiting our web site! Our primary goal is to provide you with top quality service including natural grass and turfgrass sod.

 Furthermore we provide turfgrass services and products in north east Texas including, quality sod, sprigs, and delivery from Dallas and Fort Worth to Tyler, Longview and Texarkana.

All of the sod off our sod farm comes freshly cut, healthy, and treated for weeds and diseases.

We are licensed producers of the #1 Bermuda grass sod in the industry:

  Celebration Bermuda Grass!

Family Owned and Operated serving North East Texas Rural and Metro Areas