Celebration Bermuda Grass

celebration logo smallCelebration Bermuda Grass has a striking blue-green color and soft texture. It performs well in a variety of conditions and was top rated by SAWS for drought toughness. It has also proven to be the most shade tolerant bermuda grass on the market in multiple university and independent research trials. In addition, Celebration handles cold very well and is one of the best choices for lawns, sports fields, or golf courses with high traffic and heavy use because of its aggressive growth and rapid recovery.

Bottom line, Celebration Bermuda Grass is an excellent turf grass choice for Texas landscapers, homeowners, golf course superintendents, and sports turf managers.

Celebration Bermuda does well in filtered shadeCelebration offers specifiers, landscapers, golf course designers, sports turf managers, and homeowners exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of applications. It requires less mowing and water than typical Bermuda grass varieties. It has tight runners, rhizomes, and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength. Finally, Celebration has been shown in University research to require up to half of the nitrogen of typical Bermuda varieties such as 419, making Celebration bermuda grass not just a great performing grass, but also one that can save you money from inputs while protecting our environment.

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Uses                                     Golf, Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home
Color                                                                      Dark Blue-Green
Blade Width                                                                         1.7 mm
Feel                                                                                             Soft
Fall Color Retention                                                       Very Good
Spring Greenup                                                              Very Good


Soils                                                                                Sand, Clay
Growth                                                                 Rhizomes/Stolons
Wear                                                                                    Excellent
Injury Recovery                                                                 Excellent
Insects                                                                             Very Good
Diseases                                                                          Very Good


Heat                                                                                     Excellent
Cold                                                                                   Very Good
Shade                                                                                Very Good
Drought                                                                               Excellent
Salt                                                                                    Very Good


Mower                                                            Standard Rotary/Reel
Height                                                                                    .5-1.0″
Weed Control                                                                 Very Good


Celebration Bermuda Grass Growing Zone

Celebration Growing Zone

General Information on Celebration bermuda grass

 Close up of Celebration BermudaCelebration is a hybrid cultivar of bermuda grass developed in Australia for exceptional functionality in a wide range of applications. Celebration was brought to the U.S. in 2002 and was subsequently released into Texas by Sod Solutions, Inc. and the Turf Producers of Texas. It is currently being grown by 15 sod producers throughout the state.

Celebration is a dark-green bermudagrass selected for superior wear recovery, its lower maintenance requirements and its ability to survive in drought conditions. Ongoing research in Texas over the last two years stands behind its performance. In a study done by the San Antonio Water System (SAWS), Celebration was put to the test against 25 various turf varieties. After 60 days of simulated drought conditions receiving no water, then 60 days of recovery, Celebration was among the top overall grasses for delayed dormancy and for drought recovery. It had a 100 percent recovery rate after 60 days.

We believe Celebration is one of the best options for turfgrass in Texas. We are always available if you have questions or concerns.

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