The Home Lawn

 Home owner information for the home lawn.

Building a new house? Wondering whether to go with a seeded lawn or sod? Renovating your existing lawn? Here are some things you should know about sod, and why we recommend what we do.

Sodding your lawn increases the value of your property immediately. A beautiful lawn enhances the look and feel of any home–large or small.

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  1. Turfgrass is proven to be cooler than dirt or trees, and also lowers energy cost by reducing the heat next to the house.
  2. Much less waiting time and fewer weed problems then a seeded lawn. No time wasted waiting for it to grow in or spread, though it will take 10 to12 days of watering every day in good growing weather to root down securely.
  3. Promotes healthier living! Children and adults alike are much more likely to spend time out of doors if they have an enjoyable and beautiful place to be.